Milton Keynes Cyclists' Touring Club
      (part of Cycling UK)      

Welcome to MK CTC, a local cycling group based in Milton Keynes.
  • The aim of the group is to enjoy cycling through lovely countryside with like-minded people of varying ages.   Almost every Sunday throughout the year we have a planned ride, led by an experienced leader.   Rides are of varying distances and at different speeds.   We also have Easy Riders, which are much shorter than usual, intended to encourage people who would like to try riding with a group.

  • We are not a racing club.   If someone has a problem on a ride - mechanical or a puncture or because the ride is too difficult for them - we do not just abandon them, but stay back to assist them.

  • Our rides normally take us out along country lanes and we keep well away from heavy traffic.

  • We take a lunch break and usually a coffee break, when we enjoy well earned refreshments and good conversation.

  • For more information about rides, see under ABOUT RIDES in the menu on the left.

  • For more information about the club, click HERE.

      Anyone interested?  We have a 1970s French LeJeune tandem just come up for sale!!  See For sale/Wanted page.