About club rides - start points

If you are a new rider, this page will help you locate our most frequently used start locations.

If the Start point is underlined, clicking it will take you either to the establishment's web page or to an image of the meeting point.

If you need to see a map, hit the Map link of the start point under See map.   The map will open in a new browser window.   Note that some of the postcodes given here are only approximate, but the arrow on the map indicates the location where you will find the leader for the ride.

Start pointAddressSee map
Stony Stratford Cofferidge Close, High Street, Stony Stratford - MK11 1BYMap
Westcroft McD Outside McDonalds, 25 Barnsdale Drive, Westcroft - MK4 4DDMap
Fenny Stratford McDonalds (end of A5D), Little Brickhill - MK17 9RBMap
Westcroft Lib Public Library, 10 Barnsdale Drive, Westcroft - MK4 4DDMap
Newport Pagnell Health Centre, Queens Avenue, Newport Pagnell - MK16 8QTMap
Willen Lake By miniature railway, Willen Lake - MK15 0DSMap
Wolverton Railway Station, Stratford Road, Wolverton - MK12 5LJMap
Salcey Forest Forest Cafe, Salcey Forest - NN7 2HXMap