For new riders

We divide our runs into several classes according to speed, distance and difficulty, to provide something for everyone.   All-day rides go to a named pub for lunch, so that riders may join the run at lunchtime if they wish.   Our rides are classified as follows:
  • 'C' RUNS:
    These will be usually be between 20 and 30 miles, and you can get home for lunch if you wish.   Speeds will be adjusted to suit the slowest riders.   The ride usually stops at a café for coffee, and may then be extended to a pub for lunch, for those wanting to ride further.   These runs are a good introduction to the rides if you are not sure whether our standards will suit you.
  • 'B' RUNS:
    Moderate distances of between 30 and 60 miles at a moderate pace.   We would not recommend 'B' rides for the new or inexperienced rider.   We will have a lunch stop and possibly a tea stop in the morning or afternoon.
  • 'B+' RUNS:
    Moderate distances of between 30 and 60 miles, usually hillier terrain and faster than the 'B' rides.   We would definitely not recommend 'B+' rides for the new or inexperienced rider.   We will have a lunch stop and possibly a tea stop in the morning or afternoon.
  • 'A' RUNS:
    Definitely NOT for the beginner, faster pace, hilly, longer distances.   These should only be attempted by the fitter more experienced riders who will be expected to be capable of an average speed of 14 mph.
All rides are led by an experienced leader, but we do not provide route cards or maps.   We usually split up on the return journey as we near home, but an escort will always be provided back to the start if required.

If you decide to leave the run before the end, PLEASE tell the leader or someone else in the Group.   There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around at a windy road junction for someone who has already gone home!

We are always pleased to see new faces, even if you are not a member of the CTC.

If you enjoy our rides and want to come regularly, and take part in our more adventurous activities, we would expect you to join the Club. Non members are not covered by the CTC insurance policy, even while riding with a CTC organised run, and cannot join our overseas tours or weekend Youth Hostel trips.

For more information on membership of the CTC please click here.

Most of us ride Touring Bikes, but Mountain Bikes, Hybrids or Racers are acceptable if you prefer.   Some rides may involve short off-road sections, but rides which are specifically planned for Mountain Bikes will be specially mentioned on the Runs List ("Rough Stuff").   Longer rides will probably involve some hilly stretches, so a reasonable selection of gears is advisable.

You should always carry a basic toolkit including a pump and the correct adaptor, spare tube and puncture repair kit as a MINIMUM!   During the winter months, we may not always get home in daylight, so do fit a dynamo or carry lights (and spare batteries).   A map might also be useful.

Runs will only be cancelled if roads are ice- or snow-bound, and then not always! Mere rain does not put us off; so do bring waterproofs with you!

Should you have any queries ring the leader who will be pleased to discuss them with you - see Planned rides page for details.