Past club rides - 2018

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DayDateTimeStartDestinationVenueNotesPaceMilesEst. ReturnLeaderPhone
December 2018
Sun2-Dec9:30amWestcroft McDWinslowWinslow Cafe Á BistroOut via. Preston BissettB413.00pmGary07985 448142
Wed5-Dec9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur6-Dec   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun9-Dec9:30amWestcroft McDBrackleyJennys B454:00pmBarry07905 233822
Wed12-Dec9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Sun16-Dec9.30amWestcroft McDWilstoneBarn Cafe B453.30pmMike07752 798205
Wed19-Dec9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur20-Dec   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun23-Dec9:30amWestcroft McDQuaintonGeorge & Dragon Café C352:00pmMike07752 798205
Tue25-Dec    Christmas Day     
Wed26-Dec    Boxing Day     
Sun30-Dec9.30amWestcroft McDPreston BissettGarden Centre Cafe B403.00pmMike07752 798205
November 2018
Thur1-Nov   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun4-Nov9:30amStony StratfordFloreThe Paddocks Tea RoomReturn via. Salcey ForestB554:00pmBarry07905 233822
Wed7-Nov9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Sun11-Nov10:00amNewport PagnellBourne EndThe Bike Bus C201:00pmPhil01908 698063
Wed14-Nov9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur15-Nov   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun18-Nov9:30amWestcroft McDStoweNT CaféReturn via. Preston BissettB403:30pmMike & Pip07787 920025
Wed21-Nov9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Sun25-Nov9:30amWestcroft McDQuaintonGeorge & Dragon CaféB453:00pmPaul07816 151081
Wed28-Nov9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur29-Nov   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
October 2018
Wed3-Oct9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur4-Oct   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun7-Oct9:30amStony StratfordFarthingstoneGolf ClubReturn via. Salcey ForestB504:00pmBarry07905 233822
Wed10-Oct9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Sun14-Oct10:00amWestcroft McDWinslow Easy Riders using Sustrans R51C252:00pmPhil01908 698063
Wed17-Oct9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur18-Oct   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun21-Oct9:30amWestcroft McDMilton ErnestGarden CentreReturn via. Bike BusB554:00pmMike & Pip07787 920025
Wed24-Oct9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
Thur25-Oct8:00pm WillenShip AshoreA.G.M.     
Sun28-Oct2:00am   End of British Summertime     
Sun28-Oct9:30amStony StratfordPodingtonGarden CentreReturn via. Salcey ForestB504.15pmPaul07816 151081
Wed31-Oct9:30amStony Stratford  To be decided on the day.B35-50   
September 2018
Sun 2-Sep 9:30am Westcroft McD Bicester Wetherspoons B 50 4:00pm Mike 07752 798205
Thur 6-Sep Wetherspoons MK Pub Night
Sun 9-Sep 9:30am Stony Stratford Salcey The Forest Cafe Via. Stoke Bruerne & Alban Hill B 40 3:00pm Gary 07985 448142
Sun 16-Sep 9:30am Westcroft McD Quainton George & Dragon Cafe C 35 2:00pm Mike 07752 798205
Thur 20-Sep Wetherspoons MK Pub/Curry Night
Sun 23-Sep 9:30am Newport Pagnell Southill/Broom Southill Village Tearoom Return via. Bedford Park Cafe B 60 4:00pm Paul 07816 151081
Fri-Sun 28-30-Sep South Oadby Premier Inn Rutland Weekend Mike 07752 798205
August 2018
Thur 2-Aug Wetherspoons MKPub Night
Sun 5-Aug 9:30am Westcroft McD Ickford Rising Sun PH B 55 4:30pm Mike 07752 798205
Sun 12-Aug 9:30am Westcroft McD Stowe NT Cafe Morning stop @ Preston Bissett B 40 3:00pm Gary 07985 448142
13-19-Aug Staffordshire Yarnfield Park Con. Centre 2018 Birthday Rides Mike Harris 07752 798205
Thur 16-Aug Wetherspoons MK Pub/Curry Night
Sun 19-Aug 9:30am Westcroft McD Preston Bissett Garden Centre Afternoon stop @ Thrift Farm C 35 2:00pm Gary 07985 448142
Sun 26-Aug 9:30am Westcroft McD Wendover Lady Grey Tearooms Afternoon stop @ Bell Windslow B 63 4:00pm Paul 07816 151081
July 2018
Sun1-Jul9:30amNewport PagnellHarroldCountry ParkVia. Bike Bus & Alban HillC302:30pmGary07985 448142
Thur5-Jul   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Fri6-8-Jul  St. NeotsCamping & Caravan Club SiteSt. Neots Weekend   Mike & Pip07787 920025
Sun8-Jul9:30amNewport PagnellMilton ErnestGarden CentreMeet up with CampersB    
Sun15-Jul9:30amFenny McDWendover WoodsThe Cafe in the WoodsAfternoon stop @ The Waterside cafeB504:00pmGary07985 448142
Thur19-Jul   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun22-Jul10:00amBuckingham bus
station - MK18 1LG
OxfordGuy Barber Charity RideB55Mike Harris07752 798205
Sun29-Jul9:30amNewport PagnellGrafham WaterFishing LodgeAfternoon stop to be decidedB+655:00pmPaul07816 151081
June 2018
Sun3-Jun9:30amWestcroft McDBrackleyJennys B454:00pmBarry07905 233822
Thur7-Jun   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun10-Jun9:45am for
10.00 start
Salcey ForestSalceyForest CafeThree Counties L'Eroica
B63 Phil01908 698063
Sun17-Jun10:00amThameMarlowMarlow CaféCar Assisted Hilly RideA576:00pmMike07752 798205
Thur22-Jun   Wetherspoons MKPub/curry Night     
Sun24-Jun9:30amStony StratfordFarthingstoneGolf ClubReturn via. SalceyB504:00pmBarry07905 233822
May 2018
Thur3-May   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun6-May9:30amWestcroft McDPreston BissettGarden Centre C352:00pmMike07752 798205
Sun13-May10:00amNewport PagnellMarston ValeThe Forest CentreEasy RidersC302:00pmPhil01908 698063
Thur17-May   Wetherspoons MKPub/curry Night     
Sun20-May9:30amStony StratfordCanons AshbyNT CaféReturn via. Stowe NTB504:00pmPaul07816 151081
Sun27-May9:30amStony StratfordFloreThe Paddocks Tea RoomReturn via. SalceyB554:00pmBarry07905 233822
Thur31-May   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
April 2018
Sun1-Apr9:30amFenny McDMarston ValeThe Forest CentreReturn via. NewportB403:30pmGary07985 448142
Thu5-Apr   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun8-Apr10:00amWolvertonSalcey ForestThe Forest CaféEasy RidersC302:00pmPhil01908 698063
Fri-Sun13-15-Apr  GloucestershireRedmarley Village HallSpring Cycling Weekend   Mike07752 798205
Sun15-Apr9:30amStony StratfordQuaintonGeorge & Dragon Café B403:00pmPaul07816 151081
Thur19-Apr   Wetherspoons MKPub/curry Night     
Sun22-Apr9:30amWestcroft McDTringRobin Hood Pub B504:00pmMike07762 798205
Sun29-Apr9:30amWestcroft McDPodingtonGarden CentreOut via. The Bike Bus back via. SalceyB554:30pmMike & Pip07787 920025
March 2018
Thur1-Mar   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun4-Mar9:30amWestcroft McDPreston BissettsGarden Centre Café C352:30pmMike07752 798205
Sun11-Mar9:30amStony StratfordMarston ValeThe Forest CentreCoffee stop at Bike BusB45 Mike & Pip07787 920025
Thur15-Mar   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun18-Mar9:30amC A N C E L L E DB504.00pmPhil01908 698063
Sun25-Mar9:30amNewport PagnellPodingtonGarden Centre Café B453:30pmPaul07816 151081
February 2018
Thur1-Feb   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun4-Feb9:30amWestcroft McDWilstoneThe Barn Café B483:30pmMike07752 798205
Sun11-Feb9:30amWestcroft McDSalceyThe Forest CaféReturn via. Alban Hill CaféB474:00pmGary07985 448142
Thur15-Feb   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun18-Feb9:30amWestcroft McDBrackleyJennys B453:00pmBarry07905 233822
Sun25-Feb9:30amNewport Milton EarnestGarden Centre Café B402:30pmPaul07816 151081
January 2018
Mon1-Jan    New Year's Day     
Thur4-Jan   Wetherspoons MKPub Night     
Sun7-Jan9:30amWestcroft McDTurwestonAirport Café B403:30pmGary07985 448142
Sun14-Jan9:30amStony StratfordStoke BruerneThe NavigationNew Years DinnerB40????Barry07905 233822
Thur18-Jan   Wetherspoons MKPub/Curry Night     
Sun21-Jan9:30amFenny McDMarston MortainThe Forest Centre C352:00pmMike & Pip07787 920025
Sun28-Jan9:30amWestcroft McDQuaintonThe George & Dragon CaféReturn Via. Thrift FarmC352:00pmGary07985 448142