Milton Keynes Cyclists' Touring Club
      (part of Cycling UK)      

  Bikes and equipment

Most of us ride Touring Bikes, but Mountain Bikes, Hybrids or Racers are acceptable if you prefer.   Some rides may involve short off-road sections, but rides which are specifically planned for Mountain Bikes will be specially mentioned on the Runs List ("Rough Stuff").   Longer rides will probably involve some hilly stretches, so a good selection of gears is advisable.

You should always carry a basic toolkit, to include:
  • a pump and the correct adaptor
  • a spare inner tube
  • puncture repair kit
  • lights and spare batteries in winter months, when we may not always get home in daylight
  • waterproofs, if there is a chance of rain or snow.  Mere rain does not put us off!
  • possibly a map
Runs will only be cancelled if roads are ice- or snow-bound, and then not always!

Should you have any queries ring the leader who will be pleased to discuss them with you - see the leader's telephone number on the Planned rides page.